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    Myrka Dellanos talks about her Christian radio show “Vida Unida” and her unconditional love for God

    the star of Telemundo, Myrka Dellanosspoke exclusively with La Opinion about the project that he has been carrying out since November 2022. A show that comes out on the Christian radio United Life in Spanish. Very different from what the driver of The Hot Table has us accustomed, shares with his listeners the path of faith and the message of Jesus within the Latino Christian community.

    Surprisingly for some, the Cuban journalist Myrka Dellanos She is a woman with a very marked and studied spiritual life. As she recounted in the entertaining interview, For the Telemundo presenter it is extremely gratifying to work on something that: “It’s her”. Daily His day begins by talking with Jesus and he assures that this fills people with unimaginable love.. The same that he shares every day in “Myrka in the Morning”.

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    Dellanos also took the opportunity to give some tips for all those who want to have a life full of faith.. She confessed that she is single and that, to share life with someone at this moment, it would have to be someone who professes and lives through the love of Jesus. “It’s like saying that you want to marry or be with someone who doesn’t love your child or who doesn’t love your mother. It won’t work eventually… You will not be able to have the privacy of that person. That is a key part of my life…”

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    and tell you that you want to be with someone who doesn’t love your son, who doesn’t have your mother. Don’t be with someone who doesn’t share it. It’s like being told they don’t want your child. Faith is also intimacy and if you are going to share it, it must be with someone like you.”added the ex-couple of Luis Miguel.

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    In “Myrka En La Manana” tells experiences, clarifies doubts from her deepest love for the Lord and touches on everyday topics that require discussion. It will have well-known personalities within the Christian community and, of course, musicians. Through 91.7FM KHVU/Houston of united life the mother of Alexa Dellanos reaches many other corners of the USA. In addition, the online audience continues to grow and the United Life free app It does not stop adding new daily downloads.

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    The radio has also expanded its reach by adding to 90.9 FM. The mission is to keep your audience united to God for 24 hours every day through content made for the Christian community: life-building music, a phone and virtual prayer request line, Bible teachings, daily devotionals, motivational talks, guest interviews and more.

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    Source: La Opinion

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