EntertainmentMyrka Dellanos shows off her heart attack figure in a "short" dress...

    Myrka Dellanos shows off her heart attack figure in a “short” dress and perfect for spring

    the tv presenter Myrka Dellanos never fails to leave you speechless thanks to her stunning red carpet-worthy looks. Such was the case of the most recent outfit that she wore for one of the editions of her program “La Mesa Caliente”. What did the outfit consist of and how did the public react? Here we tell you the details.

    It was through social networks that various accounts dedicated to the famous took on the task of disseminating some images of the host wearing a flowing dress with a characteristic print of spring.

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    It was a piece that fitted her ‘wasp’ waist and revealed her shapely legs. In addition, the dress had a clever sweetheart neckline and bow that gave a “flirty” touch to the outfit.

    As expected, this look did not take long to generate a wave of comments on social networks, among which compliments reigned, something usual for Myrka Dellanos. Among the answers that she obtained the most are: “Beautiful”, “How beautiful”, “Stylish”, “A true fashion diva” and “Pretty woman”, she reads on the network.

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    In addition to sharing postcards of her looks, the famous 57-year-old is in charge of giving the odd “taste” about what happens behind the scenes of the “La Mesa Caliente” program, where she shares credits with Veronica Bastos, Alix Aspe and Giselle Bondet .

    Example of their camaraderie behind the scenes was documented and published from the official account of Myrka Dellanos. We are talking about a short video in which they are seen taking a catwalk-worthy walk with which they showed off her attributes and sensuality.

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    Source: La Opinion

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