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    Mijares surprises by giving a concert dressed as Iron Man. Tony Stark, is that you? | VIDEO

    Manuel Mijares has become one of the most important artists for Latin America in the last 30 years. For this reason, each of his presentations has become a delight for his fans.

    This time the Mexican singer did a unique concert in which he not only had sound effects, lights, special guests and even bizarre costumes, but now he surprised his audience by singing dressed as a true Marvel superhero.

    As you read it, we don’t know how legal this is in terms of copyright, but the truth is that Manuel Mijares achieved his goal and went viral by putting on an Iron Man-style helmet and starting to sing his typical hits in the middle of the stage. while his fans cheered him on.

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    The success of Mijares’s strategy was such that various videos and messages are already circulating on social networks. photographs in which we can see Manuel Mijares with his Iron Man helmet as he parades across the stage and performs songs such as “Soldier of Love”one of the great successes of the 64-year-old singer.

    However, it should be noted that, as such, the helmet that Mijares wears does not correspond to the colors of “Iron Man”, as it looks more like a case of a motorcyclist, since he wears the typical red and black, of this type of article and there is no other reference in his wardrobe that alludes to the Marvel character.

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    However, it was the users of social networks themselves who quickly made the association between the characters, Thus viralizing the clips of the presentation of Mijares, who has previously toured together with his ex-wife Lucero, with whom he maintains an excellent friendship.

    In fact, in a recent interview, both were questioned as to whether they would remarry, to which Lucero responded emphatically no, and not because they had not had a good time, but because they get along better as friends and each one already has their life made up, because even Mijares already has a partner.

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