EntertainmentMiguel Bose explodes against journalist after criticizing him for not leaving Mexico...

    Miguel Bose explodes against journalist after criticizing him for not leaving Mexico due to assault he suffered

    The Spanish singer Miguel Bose He returned to his country for the first time after the robbery he suffered at his home in Mexico City and which, it is said, belonged to Ines Gomez Mont.

    The interpreter was questioned by the media during his presence at the Vitoria Television Festival, where he went to watch the screening of his documentary, ‘Bose Renacido’, however, the questions did not focus on the project, but on the reasons why he decided to stay in Mexico.

    “What ties you to Mexico?” was one of the questions they asked him and that triggered his annoyance, since he has mentioned, on more than one occasion, that Mexico has given him more than it has taken from him.

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    “It seems to me that this question exudes evil,” the ‘Morena Mia’ singer responded to a reporter and then broke down his response.

    “Let’s see, girl, learn my Instagram, they are missing it, let’s see, your profession is information and to inform you you have to be informed, so if you read my Instagram, that question would not have taken place,” Bose concluded.

    In addition to his response, with which he sought to put his detractors in their place, Bose shared the compelling reasons that tie him to the Aztec nation.

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    “Mexico has been a hospitable country for a long time, which I love, it is my second homeland, they adore me, they love me very much, it is a very unfortunate thing, a terrible adventure, that happens to so many people, but not there, here, and here a lot further”.

    With these responses, the musician made it more than clear what he has said in Mexico, that neither he nor any member of his family will leave the country.

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    Source: La Opinion

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