EntertainmentMhoni Vidente makes an alarming prediction about the health of Luis Miguel

    Mhoni Vidente makes an alarming prediction about the health of Luis Miguel

    the famous tarot reader Mhoni Seer He left his mouth open again with one of his predictions, and that is that this time the protagonist of his omen was the singer Luis Miguel. What did he say about it? Read on to find out.

    During his most recent edition of the program ‘Ask Mhoni’, a Unicable production, The fortune teller assured that the health of the “Sol de Mexico” will deteriorate to such an extent that her life will be in danger.

    “He is in mortal danger! Put him down Luismi… he is going to be 53 years old and he is not a child to be unleashed. He brings danger of death, he brings health problems, he brings high blood pressure problems now that he has lost weight ”, detailed the clairvoyant during her reading. “He has to take care of himself in health matters and protect himself.”

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    According to Mhoni Vidente, the field of health is not the only one that will bring with it several challenges in the life of Luis Miguel, since in the legal field it will also be affected by an alleged lawsuit.

    Aracely Arambula sues him again for the alimony he never gave and apart from Luis Miguel’s eldest son, he is with Aracely and he is already going to launch as a singer, “he added.

    However, another of the predictions of the interpreter of ‘La Bikina’ is related to his love life. Mhoni stressed that the famous has a very marked wedding letter, will Paloma Cuevas be the one who will arrive at the altar with the singer?

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    “Luis Miguel wants to marry us,” said the seer. “First take off all the problems of vices, alcohol and drugs. Try to be more sheltered in spiritual matters, pray to your mother, “she finished.

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    Source: La Opinion

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