EntertainmentMelissa Galindo answers Kalimba's accusations for alleged moral damage: "I did what...

    Melissa Galindo answers Kalimba’s accusations for alleged moral damage: “I did what I had to do”

    shortly after Kalimba assured that she would sue Melissa Galindo for the accusations made on Instagram for alleged sexual abuse, the singer reappeared at a musical eventwhere he did not elaborate much on the subject because he says, he does not want to revictimize himself.

    “The truth no one can knock it down. Nothing and no one can knock her down, I repeat to you, I have not been seeing anything, I have been very isolated. I didn’t expect him to have that answer, it literally wasn’t my intention. What I wanted was to raise my voice and prevent it from happening to more people, ”she told the Mexican program“ Venga la Alegria ”.

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    “I did what I had to do, I raised my voice, suddenly it’s scary because of the comments, but when you do the right thing you have inner peace. I am not going to play the victim, I am not going to re-victimize myself, because it is also annoying, nobody wants to talk about this, ”she added.

    The singer did not want to delve into the legal part because perhaps she will do so through a statement in the future, because she wants to avoid interviews talking about it.

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    Melissa Galindo denounced Kalimba on social networks for alleged harassment and improper touchingbut the interpreter of “Se Te Olvido” replied that he was defaming him, so he thought of filing a lawsuit for moral damages.

    “I did not speak at the time because when I asked my close people and people who work in the media for advice, they told me ‘don’t say anything’ because you are going to become a problem in the industry,” concluded Melissa Galindo.

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    Source: La Opinion

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