EntertainmentMayrin Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina met Itati Cantoral again in New York,...

    Mayrin Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina met Itati Cantoral again in New York, what was the reason?

    One of the most beloved marriages by the Mexican public is that made up of Mayrin Villanueva Y Eduardo Santamarinathis thanks to the fact that it has established itself as one of the most solid in the world of entertainment.

    In addition to this, the couple has managed to amass a large number of followers on social networks that follow them at every step they take. Such was the case on his recent trip to New York, where They not only enjoyed the company of their children, but also the actor’s ex-wife, the famous Itati Cantoral.

    And it is that although both families have not posed together in any photograph, the publications that each one has made on their respective social networks have shown that their destination and reason for the trip was the same.

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    It turns out that for several years now, Jose Eduardo Santamarina, one of the children that the Veracruz native had during his marriage to Itati Cantoral, has been studying acting in ‘The Big Apple’ and recently He did a project that his parents decided not to miss.

    The first to share details about the family getaway was the daughter of Mayrin Villanueva, Romina Pozawho in a moving publication said she was very proud of her stepbrother’s achievements.

    “We came to the University of @Eduardohc_ to see his final project of the semester (And wow, he did it very nice!)”, wrote the young woman on their Instagram stories. For his part, the young man did not hesitate to repost the image and then pose with his family after the presentation.

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    For her part, Itati Cantoral was more discreet about the reason for her trip to New York, but that did not prevent her from being seen in various photographs with her children in the most representative places of that city.

    It should be noted that the soap opera villain recently spoke for the first time about the cordial relationship she has with Mayrin Villanueva. Even He filled her with compliments and even acknowledged that they have managed to build a great alliance based on the mutual care of their respective children.

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    “He is an incredible human being (…) I don’t know what would have been if Eduardo had married a woman who mistreated my children”he told several media outlets.

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    Source: La Opinion

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