EntertainmentMattel launches Maria Felix's Barbie to pay tribute to Mexican Cinema

    Mattel launches Maria Felix’s Barbie to pay tribute to Mexican Cinema

    Maria Felix is ​​undoubtedly one of the most outstanding celebrities of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, her strong and dynamic personality, to which is added her characteristic style, something that led her to also become a fashion and cultural icon throughout world level. This is why Mattel has added it to the list of her tribute collection, celebrating the legacy of the actress.

    Just like the actress, her wrist sparkles like it’s dipped in gold! The elegant gold mermaid-cut jacquard dress with a black overskirt conveys all the glamor of the Golden Age of cinema in the purest style of Old Hollywood.

    The most striking detail of the look? The black lining that falls on the back and is fitted at the front with a gold brooch inspired by a turtle and accompanied by a thin cape, which undoubtedly gives the look a glow up.

    How could it be otherwise, Mattel took care of every detail of this doll. For this reason, the beauty look immediately refers us to Maria Felix. For this Barbie, they opted for La Dona’s characteristic voluminous curls and also added the touch of her raised right eyebrow, one of her main characteristics. The best? The red lipstick!

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    As for the accessories, the doll wears long gold earrings that simulate gold, she also wears XL satin gloves to match the dress and glamorous black heels.

    This Barbie, like all the ones in this collection, are limited edition, perfect for collectors and fans. The doll will cost $100 and you can already find it in the Mattel pre-sale, you just have to go to its official page.

    After the pre-sale, we can also find it in department stores, toy stores and even on Amazon. We can’t wait to see the next Barbies that will be part of this collection!

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    Where to buy Maria Felix’s Barbie?

    According to the official Mattel website, Maria Felix’s Barbie will go on sale on August 17 starting at 11:00 a.m.; however, it can already be found in pre-sale as of this August 15 through different e-commerce corporations.

    The doll of “La Dona” has an approximate cost of 1,500 pesos and can be found in department stores such as: ‘La Barbie Signature – Tribute Collection by Maria Felix’. Additionally, the collectible figure includes a rest base and a certificate of authenticity.

    It should be noted that the limited edition doll of “Maria Bonita” joins the distinguished list of notable women who have been immortalized by Mattel with the purpose of inspiring and empowering the new generations by presenting powerful and feminine role models.

    Maria Felix is ​​recognized as one of the main exponents of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, as well as one of those responsible for the representation of Mexican actresses worldwide.

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    Her character and beauty were also a distinctive sign of her personality, which was much stronger than that of the characters she played, leaving a mark in more than 50 films, including titles such as Enamorada (1946), The Kneeling Goddess ( 1947), Rio Escondido (1948), Dona Diabla (1950) and Tizoc (1957).

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