EntertainmentMaripily confirms that because of her ex she refused to be in...

    Maripily confirms that because of her ex she refused to be in ‘The House of Famous 3’

    Maripily confirms that because of her ex she refused to be in 'The House of Famous 3'

    Maripily Rivera confirms that because of her ex she refused to be in ‘The House of Famous 3’… He said so exclusively on ‘At Home with Telemundo’where he pointed out that, by trying to save the relationship with who is now his ex-fiance, he missed that great opportunity.

    The model and beauty businesswoman chose the Telemundo afternoon show to talk for the first time about her separation from Jose Javier Carrasquillowho threw the first stone by publishing a statement on his social networks in which he assures that he ended the relationship.

    Like every woman, I was excited about a wedding, that love came to me“Maripily began by saying on the Telemundo afternoon show, when asked by Adyan how she went from full happiness to seeing herself destroyed as at that moment.

    “From Thanksgiving to here many situations happened, I found out about many very strong situations… He talked to me about the past, about whether I fucked… a so-and-so, about the sexual relations he had. He was a person who had alcohol problems, addiction, and I didn’t know thatI come to find out the day we meet as a family that her sister tells me ”, the beauty businesswoman continued.

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    The truth is that behind the wedding dreams, the delivery of the ring and the resounding “yes”, there was a story of chaos that ended in a nightmare when the security of the building where Maripily lives confirmed that her boyfriend had been picked up by another woman.

    There was infidelity, that’s when I made the decision to end the relationship with him“, she confirms in ‘At Home with Telemundo’, destroying the first information, that of Carrasquillo’s statement, where she assured that he had ended the commitment.

    What we didn’t know It is that not everything was rosy during this relationship, because her son Joe Joe had not spoken to her for 3 months and had blocked her from all networks, because? Because she did not agree with his mother marrying Carrasquillo, well he had already received information about everything that Maripily discovered a few days ago.

    But once she was done with her fiance, the relationship with his son was restoredIn fact, Maripily herself told Adyan that Joe Joe called her as soon as he found out and even unblocked her from the networks.

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    Another of the negative consequences that this short but intense relationship brought him It was having lost a great job offer that Telemundo had made him. As we told you above, She said no to ‘The House of Famous 3’ because of her boyfriend.

    “I sacrificed many things, sI sacrificed a very interesting proposal that Telemundo had for me, which was ‘La Casa de Los Famosos 3’, and I said no to try to save my relationship… I understood that this job, at that moment, sacrificed the relationship and I said no, I sacrificed many things for him, I’m devastated“He said on the Telemundo afternoon show.

    Faced with this new setback in her love life, Adyan asked her what she thought of those who made fun of her, since once again she was “dressed and upset.”

    I am a woman that I am going to continue loving, I am going to continue tryingbecause that is from a living woman, and as long as she is alive I will keep trying… I do not regret it because at the time I lived with him I did it with enthusiasm… “.

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    What did he say in the statement?

    As our colleague Enlai-li Acevedo from La Opinion shared, Jose Javier Carrasquillo was the first to drop the ‘bomb’ from his social networks, and despite not being a public figure, he released his statement:

    “These are the only expressions that I will issue regarding this matter. Hereby, I wish to communicate my separation with Maria del Pilar Rivera, better known as Maripily. Both parties had a relationship of several months where we got engaged for marriage but for personal reasons, I made the decision to end the relationship“.



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    Source: La Opinion

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