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    Maribel Guardia tells what will happen to the ashes of her son, Julian Figueroa | VIDEO

    Maribel Guardia has shown to be quite a warrior in the face of the unexpected death of her son, Julian Figueroa. Well, he not only appeared 48 hours after his death before the cameras, to whom he recounted everything that happened and the decisions that he will make in the near future on his ashes.

    The famous actress of “Corona de Lagrimas”, accompanied by her daughter-in-law Imelda Garza Tunonnow the widow of Julian Figueroa, decided to speak about the reasons why a funeral was not held as usual.

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    And when asked about the fate of the ashes of the actor from “Como dice el dicho”, Maribel was very clear about it, because she pointed out that at the moment she is not prepared to let him go from her home in Jardines del Pedregal.

    So, until now, they will remain in the living room of their house where they were placed surrounded by the flowers that the family has received from both fans and other celebrities. This will happen for a while because the actress said she’s not ready to make another decision.

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    Guardia detailed, who pointed out that the urn where the remains of Joan Sebastian’s son also rest, where the ashes are found carries an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe and embodies the last drawing that the singer received from his son, Jose Julian Figueroa.

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