EntertainmentMaribel Guardia is criticized for abusing Photoshop to increase her curves: "It...

    Maribel Guardia is criticized for abusing Photoshop to increase her curves: “It looks horrible”

    Maribel Guardia received some criticism for allowing her curvaceous silhouette to be distorted with PhotoshopWell, according to users of social networks, you do not need this type of help to show off a perfect figure.

    At 63 years old, Maribel Guardia is considered one of the celebrities with the best body, so it is normal to see her look spectacular with practically all kinds of clothes, from elegant dresses with transparencies, Tiny bikinis that highlight your curves, seductive pajamassports outfits or simply with jeans, however she always manages to dazzle with her beauty and charismatic personality.

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    However, she was recently criticized for a series of photos in which, according to social media users, they made her look bad by abusing technology to make her look with much more pronounced curves than normal.

    And it is that, the star of the play ‘Lagunilla Mi Barrio’ recently joined the advertising campaign of a clothing brand specially designed to shape the figure, which exposed the curvaceous silhouette that constantly generates compliments, well it appeared posing with her back to the camera while wearing blue pants and a red strappy bodysuit that highlighted her silhouette and ended up drawing even more attention.

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    Despite the fact that he is repeatedly showered with compliments for looking radiant at 63, this time Maribel Guardia was criticized for wearing a distorted figure and completely out of reality.

    According to the comments left by some users of this social network, the beautiful Costa Rican artist looks with exaggerated curves that do not correspond to reality.

    Maribel Guardia does not need Photoshop do not invent! I don’t doubt that the product is good but cut down on the editing of your photos!”, “This reduces the credibility of your product”, “Cut down Photoshop a bit”, “Of course not, why lie? Maribel is not like this“, “This is not the body of Maribel Guardia”, “They go through so much retouching now it turns out that Maribel guardia has a bigger knee than her waist. don’t exaggerate that it looks horrible”wrote some Instagram followers.

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    Source: La Opinion

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