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    Maribel Guardia burns social networks on the weekend wearing lingerie and a waistband

    Maribel Guardia knows how to delight her followers on social networks and she always bets on showing different styles that highlight her imposing figure, for which the years seem not to pass. For this weekend, the actress chose to pose in lingerie.

    The also singer consented to her 7.9 million followers of her personal Instagram account, showing that at 63 she has a statuesque figure that knows how to look elegant and stylish, causing sighs.

    Through the aforementioned social network, Maribel Guardia published a snapshot where she shines in a flirty set of skin-colored underweara tight black waistband, as well as open shoes in the same tone.

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    To complement the sensual image, the actress wears very natural makeup, her long hair loosely combed in waves and in a pose sitting on a chair. It is worth mentioning that in her publication, the Costa Rican invites you to purchase the product with which she frames her waist.

    Maribel Guardia’s niece, maribel garcia He inherited the beauty of the actress and also constantly captivates with his physical beauty and his statuesque body, on social networks.

    The young presenter loves sports, so she constantly posts pictures related to it on her personal Instagram account. In one of the most recent snapshots posted of her, she wears a soccer uniform, where she shows off her shapely legs.

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    Maribel Garcia has drawn the attention of Maribel Guardia’s fans for the constant public displays of affection for her aunt, in addition, they have been seen together at different family events.

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