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    Maria Celeste Arraras outraged with the result of Miss Universe: “The most beautiful must win and this time that was not the case”

    The representatives of the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and the United States were placed in the top 3 of Miss Universe 2023 that took place on January 14 in New Orleans, resulting as the great winner of the night R’Bonney Gabriel, Miss USA.

    Unfortunately, the result was not well received by the fans of the contest, who immediately spoke out on social networks to express their dissatisfaction, even pointing out as a fraud the choice of the jury made up of Ximena Navarrete, Myrka Dellanos, Wendy Fitzwilliam, Olivia Quido , Big Freedia, Sweta Patel and Emily Austin.

    One of the first to share her opinion was the journalist Maria Celeste Arraraswho after having participated on two occasions as a judge of the contest, categorically assured that disagrees with this year’s electionbecause one of the first instructions they receive before qualifying the participants seeking the title of Miss Universe is “choose the most beautiful of the group, to which when you enter a place it turns all eyes. Of course, knowing how to express yourself and answer intelligently are important attributes”.

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    In the message shared through her official Instagram account, the Puerto Rican presenter also pointed out that “there were a handful among the 5 finalists who gathered all that” and that, in her opinion, they were much prettier than Miss USA.

    “I loved the candidate from Puerto Rico because I find her exotic and elegant, added to the fact that she is intelligent (aerospace engineering student) and she also responded well. And among the 3 finalists Dominican Republic and Venezuela They seemed to me to be much higher candidates than the winner” and added that the participants from Curacao, as well as other representatives of Latin beauty, had great potential to be crowned, so she honestly did not see Miss USA even as one of the semifinalists.

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    He stressed that with his opinion he does not intend to insinuate that there was “fraud” or some kind of “conspiracy” against Miss Venezuela or the Dominican Republic, despite the fact that he considered them superior.

    Finally, he reflected on the evaluation of each of the participants, which corresponds to the sum of individual and confidential votes issued by each of the judges, who this year they were mostly American nationals.

    The message of Maria Celeste Arraras exceeded 62,000 approval reactions and generated more than 7,000 comments with which she received support, while other users showed their approval of the result of the 71st issue of Miss Universe.

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    Source: La Opinion

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