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    Manelyk Gonzalez explodes and sends a forceful message after his expulsion in ‘Los 50’

    Tremendous surprise got the reality star manelyk gonzalez after being one of those expelled from ‘Los 50’ with her friend Dania Mendez. For this reason, she decided to issue a forceful message with which she made it more than clear that her team’s strategy was good, but full of “hypocrisy”.

    Through her Instagram account, the influencer spoke about her departure, accusing her colleagues of having generated a plot to eliminate her.

    “My removal! I don’t know why they make a surprised face and tears, if they all came together to eliminate me, but here hypocrisy is one of the strongest weapons apart from betrayal, disloyalty“Wrote Manelyk to accompany the video of his elimination from ‘Los 50’.

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    Despite feeling betrayed, the also participant of “La Casa de los Famosos” applauded the strategy that the members of her team generated. Of course, she disapproved that several of them resorted to “hypocrisy” to make them believe that their departure hurt.

    “The more sentences you fall, the further you will go. The strategy seemed very well planned and executed, but then, don’t make a (surprised) face when they succeeded. I prefer a thousand times the face of (Julia Gama) of sincere happiness“Added the famous.

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    Let’s remember that during the last elimination gala, Manelyk Gonzalez was sentenced along with Dania Mendez, La Bebeshita, Jose Ramos, Rafael Nieves, Julia Gama, Macky Gonzalez, Esteban Castillo and Luis, ‘El Suavecito’.

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