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    Maluma shares photos of how God brought him into the world and drives his fans crazy

    the famous singer Maluma He has once again given something to talk about on social networks with his latest publication on Instagram. In her, the Colombian artist is shown without clothes while swimming in the pool of his residence, posing for the lens of his cell phone and showing his statuesque body with marked muscles and tattooed skin.

    Maluma, who has won the love of millions of fans around the world with his music and overwhelming personality, left nothing to the imagination in his latest publication. In the image, the artist from Medellin appears naked and carefree making different movements to capture the best profile of him, while His girlfriend, apparently, is in charge of acting as a photographer looking for the perfect angle for her hand to cover the singer’s private parts.

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    The publication, which has been accompanied by the text: “I almost can’t find a photographer”, already has more than two million likes and an infinity of comments of all kinds, among which are those that extol the beauty of the artist and others where the work of some fans is revealed to be able to see the intimate parts of the interpreter of ‘La Reina’.

    Although Maluma’s girlfriend’s hand is supposed to cover his member, in the third image, according to Internet users, it seems that the light and the current of the water played a trick on him. Some fans have written in the more than 18,000 comments that, thanks to the zoom that the application allows to make the images, it is possible to see part of the artist’s intimate area in a very blurred way.

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    “In the last photo you can see something forbidden”; “You kind of want to cause a few heart attacks”; Good thing I’m not the only one who sees something in the last photo. Oh my gosh, that went from being a goldfish to being an anaconda!” and “I don’t know if I’m looking weird but in the last photo if you look at the water I know something there”, are some of the comments left by users of the camera network.

    This is not the first time that Maluma has revealed his anatomy in the water. A couple of weeks ago he himself, without anyone’s help, also took a photo studio in said pool, where he not only showed his body, he also made several faces, between smiles and peaks for his followers, who never get tired of his sensuality. .

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    The Colombian singer has repeatedly demonstrated his sensuality, and has managed to establish himself as one of the most popular artists in the music industry today.
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