EntertainmentMadonna is harshly criticized for her face after appearing at the Grammy...

    Madonna is harshly criticized for her face after appearing at the Grammy Awards

    Last Sunday many expected that Madonna appear at the awards ceremony grammybut others were surprised to see the singer, and not precisely for presenting the performance of sam smith with kim petras.

    the face of the Queen of pop It shows that some arrangements have been made in recent years, which was harshly criticized on social networks within minutes of her appearing at the Arena in Los Angeles. Among the comments posted, one could read some such as “Me trying to ignore the fact that Madonna has a new face”, “Madonna looks good for her age…if she is a 2,700-year-old vampire”, “Madonna was nominated for Best New Face at this year’s Grammy Awards? and “That’s not the Madonna I grew up with.”

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    The truth is Madonna ignores criticism and began to look different since the release of her album Madame X in 2019; she is ready for her next tour Celebration -which will begin in July- and on Monday he published in his account instagram a video recorded before attending the awards ceremony, in which he appears wearing his outfits consisting of a black skirt and blazer suit, with tie, white blouse and fishnet gloves.

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    Source: La Opinion

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