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    Lupillo Rivera’s girlfriend responds to the tangana of Mayeli Alonso and her mother on Instagram

    Giselle Soto is the name of the young girlfriend of “El Toro del Corrido”, Lupillo Rivera. After his mother and mayeli alonso they gave themselves a tangana of insults in a live of instagramthe couple of the singer of regional mexican He came out to give his version of events.

    At all times Giselle said that she does not live on public opinion, that they have even called her to offer interviews and she has never given them. Lupillo Rivera’s girlfriend also explained that she has not had a relationship with her mother for a long time. When talking about this, the young woman was about to burst into tears. She assured that she had always felt respect for mayeli alonsoprecisely because he knew how hard life had been with it.

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    He labeled the incident as shameful: “I don’t understand what the problem is. I see this lady and she pities me. I’m sorry. I know that she is a great woman and that she has suffered and I admired her for that.… A woman who talks about bullying … Why does she put me in … ”, Lupillo’s girlfriend continued to say about Mayeli.

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    the couple of Lupillo Rivera He also said that he gets along excellently with the children of the former participant of Rich Famous Latina and The House of Famous 2. That he washes their clothes and that he cooks their food and that, above all, he has managed to win over both of them, which is the only thing that, as he continued to explain, matters to him. Given this, Ayana Riveracame out to give a message through his Instagram account.

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    In it, he made it clear that his mother, mayeli alonsodoes not need anyone to defend it and that with Lupillo Rivera and his girlfriend Giselle get along excellent. He reiterated that this is his family and that he considers the comments he has received from it to be disrespectful.

    Lupillo’s girlfriend ended her intervention on Instagram saying that Jenni Rivera’s brother loves and respects her and that it is the only reason why he considers it worth going out and showing his face in front of the controversy aroused with his mother and Mayeli: “I am the one who has the crown here in this house“.

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