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    Lupillo Rivera kisses a fan at a concert in Mexico and pours alcohol into his mouth

    If there is someone who knows how to take advantage his bachelorhood when he’s not in a serious relationship, that’s the brother of Jenni Rivera and uncle of Chiquis Rivera, Lupillo Rivera. He was presenting himself in Chiapas, Mexico. Showing off her new status, she ended up having a blast and even kissing one of his present fans.

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    On the edge of the stage, “El Toro del Corrido” Lupillo Rivera, made it very clear and more present than ever that he does not have a “barking dog”. A fan approached and the singer of regional mexican took the opportunity to take the bottle of what he was drinking, pour it into his fan’s mouth and proceed to stamp him tremendous kiss. But this is something that the singer often does as part of his show.

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    Of course, the laughter of both and those present did not wait. Let’s remember that Lupillo himself recently confirmed his separation from his partner for almost 3 years, Giselle Soto. In the midst of rumors, both clarified what had separated them and what caused them not to marry.

    Since it was known that Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra, as the Mexican is truly called, had broken up with his girlfriend, he himself defended her. He assured that it was not true that he had kicked her out of her house, nor that she had been unfaithful to him.

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    But he did say that he didn’t marry Giselle because he’s still married to the former contestant. The House of the Famous 2, Mayeli Alonso. This week was on the show univision, sit who can. There she said that this is not true, that she did divorce Lupillo.

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