EntertainmentLupillo Rivera is hospitalized and performs emergency surgery. What happened to him?

    Lupillo Rivera is hospitalized and performs emergency surgery. What happened to him?

    The renowned singer of corridos, Lupillo Rivera underwent emergency surgery after presenting severe abdominal pain. The news was released by the artist himself through his social networks during the night of Sunday, March 19.

    According to a statement shared on the artist’s Instagram account, Lupillo Rivera He underwent a laparoscopic appendectomy on medical orders. The diagnosis was made after the singer was admitted on Saturday, March 18, to the Angeles Lindavista Hospital in Mexico City with severe abdominal pain, which he had already suffered for 24 hours before his admission.

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    As a result of this situation, Rivera, 51, He had to cancel a concert that he had planned in Jiquipilco, State of Mexico, and postpone others on his agenda.

    According to the medical summary also shared by the artist, it is known that he had already been treated for these pains a week before in the United States, Where he lives. ANDAt that time, the diagnosis had been “ureterolithiasis”. After emergency surgery, Jenni Rivera’s brother is stable and with an adequate response to treatment, according to the medical statement.

    Rivera shared some images from the hospital, in which he is seen hospitalized. In a story on the same network, Rivera quoted from the statement and apologized to his fans for the cancellation of his upcoming tour dates: “A thousand apologies, my people, for not being able to be present on the next dates. I’ll be resting,” wrote the singer.

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    Lupillo Rivera’s current partner, Giselle Soto, also spoke out about the situationthanking God that the artist is already pain-free and in recovery, but He pointed out that they lived a great scare. Soto posted on his Instagram account an image of his hands intertwined with the singer’s and added a heart emoji.

    It is expected that the singer can be discharged this Tuesday, March 21 and must have absolute rest for 10 days.

    While Lupillo Rivera announced that he had undergone surgery, in a parallel scenario, his brother Juan Rivera, with whom he has been estranged for a long time, renewed his wedding vows in a televised ceremony on the Telemundo reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos 3’

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