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    Luis Fonsi speaks for the first time about his divorce from Adamari Lopez: “They weren’t going to believe me”

    After more than a decade without talking about the subject, The singer Luis Fonsi broke the silence and gave his version of what led him to want to divorce the television presenter Adamari Lopezto whom he was married from 2006 to 2010.

    At that time the separation was in a media wave, especially after the publication of the book ‘Living’ of Adamari, in which She accused him of supposedly being unfaithful to her and of having told her that he was not attracted to her after the mastectomy she had for breast cancer.

    Thirteen years later, people have been talking about their story because of the song. ‘Turn the Page ‘Panama’, that the singer-songwriter premiered and that many have commented that it would be a hint for the television host and actress.

    The interpreter of ‘Despacito’ This week he was a guest on the ‘MoluscoTV’ podcast where he dared to talk about what happened in that relationship and explained his reason for remaining silent for so long.

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    “I haven’t spoken at all, I’ve been silent for 14 years and the reason I stayed silent is because I could say anything and either way people weren’t going to listen to me or they weren’t going to believe me or I was going to look like ‘El Bad'”Fonsi confessed.

    He pointed out that he did not speak at that time either because he was not interested in playing the role of “victim” in that story.

    “I said: ‘Look, you know what, I prefer to keep my mouth shut, as the song says, not to play the victim’, that’s why I’m uncomfortable talking about this because I haven’t done it, because it’s over and because I’ve already turned the page and because I’m the happiest man in the world”, he pointed.

    During the interview, the singer recalled that he tried to defend himself against the accusations that were made to him at that time in a statement in which he expressed that he was not happy with the relationship and that is why he was separating.

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    “I did release a statement at that moment when they attacked me and I stated the facts, I said: ‘Look, this is what happened. I got married and four years later I made the decision to separate, to divorce, because I was not happy. Men and women deserve to be happy. If there is something that is not working, you have to raise your hand and say ‘hey, I want to be happy too’”, said Luis Fonsi.

    Likewise, he specified that he will not speak ill of Adamari Lopez at any time and made it clear what he remembers about the relationship. “And whose fault was it? I am never going to get here to give details, to air dirty laundry. I will never say a negative word about her, I never have and I will not. “I have decided to keep the beautiful moments”he expressed.

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    In the middle of the conversation with ‘MoluscoTV’ the interpreter of ‘Llegaste Tu’ assured that there was never “abandonment” on his part to the presenter.

    “When I hear the word ‘abandonment’. It is a word that is not part of the real story, it is part of a narrative that was created. Cool for a novel, but there was never ever abandonment here”said the artist.

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