EntertainmentLucerito Mijares pronounces on the possible reconciliation of his parents

    Lucerito Mijares pronounces on the possible reconciliation of his parents

    Despite the fact that Lucero has already made it clear that she has no intention of returning to her ex-husband Manuel Mijares, the rumors regarding a possible reconciliation continue and now it was her daughter Lucerito who spoke about it when questioned by members of the press.

    “No man!”was the young woman’s first reaction to the questioning of the reporters, who also mentioned that it is the public’s desire to see them together again, for which she complemented her response.

    “I think it’s gossip like that. The truth is that I couldn’t tell you. I know (that the public wants it), but I have no idea.”making it clear that in case her parents are going to give each other a second chance, she knows nothing about it.

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    On the other hand, the reporters also asked the protagonist of “El Mago / The Wiz” if she had an opinion about the separation of her mother and the Mexican businessman, Michel Kuri, which was what sparked the rumors of a second chance between her parents.

    “I think everything has already been said on social networks. I don’t know much, but the truth is that I think they get along very, very well and that’s incredible because there has never been a fight.”Lucerito mentioned, but made it clear that he doesn’t know much about it either.

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    Regarding his participation in ‘El Mago / The Wiz’, he was recently in the news not only because it was his debut as the lead in a play, but also because minutes before going on stage he suffered a fracture, but despite everything he continued with the show.

    And although for a moment it was thought that she would take a few days off to recover, a few days ago she confirmed that she will not leave the play and will continue to act in a cast. “The show must go on and we will continue like this for several weeks, I am going to continue acting with my cart and my crutches and being very careful. I’m not going to let this end or stop just because I’m hurt.”he commented.

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