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    ‘Los 50’: the public can participate to win up to $50,000 by watching the reality show

    This Tuesday, July 18, the new Telemundo reality show ‘Los 50’ will begin, in which half a hundred celebrities will live isolated from the outside in a luxurious hacienda, fulfilling the challenges that El Leon will give them, together with their assistants until only one of them they become the winner of the $350,000 prize.

    However, the public, beyond being a mere spectator, You will also be able to participate in the reality show and have the chance to win a $50,000 prize by visiting the Fan Zone section on the program’s website, where you must choose your favorite celebrity.

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    That choice will be able to be changed as soon as your chosen celebrity is eliminated, although a few weeks before the reality show ends this option will be removed. The winner will be decided by a raffle among the followers of each of the finalists and the prize will be the follower of the champion of the season.

    ‘Los 50’ is a very ambitious reality show with a number of participants never seen in a program of this nature, so it will undoubtedly be very interesting to see what coexistence will be like and what strategies each of them will use.

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    Especially if we have personalities like Juan Vidal, Luis “Potro” Caballero, Manelyk Gonzalez, Dania Mendezamong others that gave a lot to talk about in ‘The House of the Famous’ and on the other hand to Ana Parra, Karely Lopez, Fernando Lozada and Sebastian Caicedowho did the same in ‘Exatlon United States’two reality shows of a different nature, so it will be interesting to see how they adapt.

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