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    ‘Los 50’ started with everything and Juan Vidal was one of the first eliminated

    The wait is over and we were finally able to see the great premiere of the Telemundo reality show ‘Los 50’, in which half a hundred celebrities were locked up in a luxurious hacienda with the aim of winning a prize of 350,000 dollars, but if they thought that the competition was going to increase in intensity little by little they were wrong, because the first day was also the last for three of them, among which was Juan Vidal.

    At the beginning of the day, the participants were arriving in groups of ten, some of them saw each other for the first time, but there were also pleasant reunions and others not so much, it was possible to know that many others arrived as a couple and that several exes saw each other again, for what the first coexistence was quite interesting.

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    However, things soon changed and El Leon, who is the master of the game, gave them the first challenge to add money to the 20,000 dollars with which they started the competition and for this he divided them into two teams.

    We first saw one of the teams fail to sort alphabetically, so they lost $5,000. On the other hand, the other group had to jump into the hacienda’s pool and get ten coins from some chests that were at the bottom of it, all in less than four minutes. They met this challenge, so they managed to recover what their companions let go.

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    But the tension increased with the next challenge in which the dogs and rabbits threw balls at all the inhabitants of the hacienda from some towers that surrounded the arena in which they were all found and those who were hit became the first to be sentenced. .

    They had the opportunity to participate in a saving game, in which they had to cling to some rollers on the water and resist like this until the rest fell. The winner of this challenge was Macky Gonzalez, who resisted for more than 45 minutes.

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    The elimination modality is through a vote by the rest of the players, so that since the identity of those sentenced was known, alliances began to occur or at least to try, but not everyone could achieve it.

    This way, Juan Vidal was the first to leave the ‘Los 50’ estate, but what no one expected was that Samira Jalil, as she knew several within the reality show, for which she felt betrayed. Finally, a second vote determined the departure of Julieta Grajales.

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