EntertainmentLily Collins traveled to Japan to celebrate her birthday

    Lily Collins traveled to Japan to celebrate her birthday

    In 2020, Lily Collins She stole the hearts of many thanks to her role in the Netflix series, “Emily in Paris”, and since then she has been one of the most sought-after actresses of the moment.

    Although Collins plays a very active social media woman who wants to share everything on social media, his true personality is far removed from realitysince on March 18 she celebrated her birthday and she did it with a romantic getaway with her husband to Japan.

    The sought-after actress turned 34who is recording the next seasons of the famous series, which is why it was her decision to stay as far away from the paparazzi spotlight and the busy life of New York and Los Angeles.

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    She made the romantic trip with her husband, writer Charlie McDowell. They went to one of the most photogenic places in Asia, the “Moomin Valley Park”, which is a theme park based on the characters of “Moomin” by the Finnish artist Tove Jansson, but the choice of this place was not pure chance.

    In an interview on the podcast “The Moomin Phenomenon” with Jennifer Saunders, Collins claimed that she knew these stories since she was little and that they marked her life, but that they are also a point of connection with her husband.

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    “Our relationship was strengthened by our mutual love for the Moomins. (…) We realized that we were people who found that connection with nature through the Moomin books, it really felt like we were members of a secret club”, confessed the actress.

    The Serie, the most viewed on Netflix in 2020revolves around how he juggles winning over co-workers, making friends, and navigating romances.

    “Emily in Paris” has received a lot of criticism for stereotyping the French, but the actress Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu He says that his compatriots need to know how to laugh at themselves.

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    The French know how to laugh at others, but not at themselves. They always end up getting angry and offended when people make fun of them.and they don’t realize that the creator of the series, Darren Starr, is also making fun of the Americans,” the 58-year-old interpreter told the Page Six portal.

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