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    Lewis Hamilton makes Shakira ugly, denies romance and asks not to get into his motorhome

    Not everything seems to be rosy between lewis hamilton and Shakira. While some say that there is a sentimental relationship between the singer and the Formula 1 racer, according to journalists Laura fa and Lorena Vazquez de las Mamarazzis, things are not as they have led us to believe.

    Shakira and Lewis Hamilton.
    Shakira and Lewis Hamilton. Photo: Getty Images.

    According to the Spanish women, a very good source told them that only the first of the Formula 1 track meetings between Lewis Hamilton and Shakira have come from him. In the first instance, at the Miami Grand Prix, the public relations team of the Mercedes team invited several figures from music and cinema, including the interpreter of Te Felicito, Monotonia and Copa Vacia.

    Laura Fa and Lorena Vazquez, who were also the ones who announced along with Jordi Martin in parallel that Gerard Pique had a relationship with Clara Chia, assure that in the second meeting at the Barcelona Grand Prix Shakira was invitedbut that the third in Great Britain was the one who requested tickets for the race. When Lewis Hamilton found out, asked that they please not let her access the motorhome or the areas where he was preparing before the race was concentrating.

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    As the Spanish women explained, apparently Lewis Hamilton does not like or the idea that he is massively related as happened with the Colombian singer. However, this somewhat contradicts the photos and videos that have gone viral on social networks. There are several where both are shown with friends in bars, nightclubs and Even a yacht ride with Shakira’s children took place in Miami.

    It also contradicts the version of the correspondent for El Gordo and La Flaca Jordi Martin, who said that they were getting to know each other and that they might give themselves an opportunity. The Mamarazzis said that they gave this information very delicately, so as not to hurt the feelings of the ex de Gerard Pique.

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    “I think that perhaps for Hamilton, Shakira was just a friend and, perhaps, Shakira was getting excited and believed that there was something more. We don’t know that. They assure us that he is upset because he gives her the feeling that she wants to make believe that there is a sentimental relationship between them, and he wants it to be known that between the two there is nothing more than a friendship ”they assured in their podcast.

    In fact, they have not been seen together anymore. Indeed, the last meetings between them were in the race and the parties around it. In fact, some images of Lewis Hamilton with Eiza Gonzalez and a tennis player on a yacht. Although he is quite private with his outings, this time he knew that the paparazzi were close and he showed off with the group.

    While all this is happening, Shakira was in Puerto Rico as part of the 2022 Youth Awards with Milan and Sasha. In addition to being the top winner of the night, she stayed a few days on the Isla del Encanto to enjoy the summer vacation.

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    One of his walks was with Rosalia’s fiance and urban genre singer, Rauw Alejandro. With whom she has a friendship beyond the musical. He was by her side when they recorded Te congratulations and the separation was already beginning to become public.

    So he took her along with the children of the ex-player of the FC Barcelona and president of the Kings League to a river and took a dip, where Milan and Sasha enjoyed themselves. Shakira felt relaxed and very happy.

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    Source: La Opinion

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