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    Lety Calderon says she is worried that her son Luciano will have a seizure when he sees his father in jail

    Some days ago lety calderon revealed that her children have not visited Juan Collado in prison because she is prohibited from entering, but when asked if she would allow them to go alone, she assured that this could not happen, since her firstborn he is at risk of having a seizure or passing out because he is a “very special child”.

    The actress recently explained that one of the conditions that she put in order for her children to visit their father in prison is to accompany them at least the first time, since at a time that could be difficult for Luciano and Carlo, she has to be there to support them, especially the eldest, who has Down syndrome.

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    “Luciano, as you can see, is a very special child, I have to be very vigilant because I can faint or have a seizure. Emotionally he’s very sensitive, it’s uncomfortable for him, I don’t know how he’s going to react, really, that’s why I also have to go,” he revealed during an interview for the “Venga la Alegria” program.

    Although she made it clear that the decision they made to prevent her from entering will continue to be respected, this ends the great illusion that her children have of living with the lawyer Juan Collado.

    “All attitudes and reactions and comments are respectable, I simply respect it. She doesn’t really know you, and yes, you and all the people have to understand that, they are very excited to see their dad and we are going to respect the times. From whom? I don’t know, but she is going to respect herself, ”she added.

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    The protagonist of the soap opera ‘Esmeralda’ pointed out that at this moment the only thing she is grateful for is being able to be present in the lives of her children, because during the year that is about to end she went through health complications that led her to make the decision to make his will in case he dies.

    “I had two important events in the early morning that I was drowning And I thought: ‘Either I’m dying because I can’t breathe or I’m dying of a heart attack’, because I couldn’t breathe, and I was terribly scared, I ran to sign my will to talk to my children, because it was so strong that I said: ‘What if I had really died?’“, he pointed out.

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