EntertainmentLeonardo Garcia accuses Andres Garcia's wife of abusing her father's money and...

    Leonardo Garcia accuses Andres Garcia’s wife of abusing her father’s money and assets | VIDEO

    Leonardo Garcia accuses Andres Garcia's wife of abusing her father's money and assets | VIDEO

    The health of the Dominican actor andres garcia has gotten worse and that sparked a strong family fight between his wife, Daisy Portilloand his son, Leonardo Garciawho broke the silence about the estrangement with his father and the lack of support from which he has been pointed out.

    In this regard, he assured that the actor’s partner would have sold a luxurious property called “El Castillo”, something for which his father obtained very little.

    In an interview for “First hand”, The actor also reported that the last time he saw his father was five months ago.

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    At that moment he informed her that Margarita’s son, Andres Lopez Portillo would have sold a property located in Mexico City called “El Castillo” at an approximate cost of 3 million dollars.

    But the unfortunate thing, according to Leonardo, is that The protagonist of “Pedro Navajas” only received 52 thousand dollars and a luxurious vehicle for the transaction. So he questioned the destination of the money obtained from the sale of the house.

    Leonardo pointed out and stressed that his father has changed his will on at least 25 occasionsfor which he pointed out that he is not interested in the financial part but in knowing where the actor’s money is.

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    After Leonardo Garcia’s statement and the actor’s controversial statements where he demands his son to stay away from them, Margarita Portillo exploded and responded by assuring that she has not received both financial and emotional support, she told “Ventaneando”.

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