EntertainmentLaura Zapata is showered with criticism after speaking disparagingly of Mexicans

    Laura Zapata is showered with criticism after speaking disparagingly of Mexicans

    Laura Zapata exploded against Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, assuring that Mexico is “a country of idiots” because they continue to give their president approval in exchange for money. After her strong statements, the actress was showered with criticism.

    The controversy began during an interview with Carlos Alazraki, where the sister of Thalia confirmed that he can’t stand the president of Mexico, calling him a liar and singling him out for deceiving people and corrupting young people.

    But one of the statements that caused the most scandal was when he assured that during his government he has been characterized by giving away money, calling Mexicans “huevones”.

    “I am going to say a word that shocks me, but we are a country of idiots, of stretching out your hand and (they say) ‘Don’t you give me? Give me, give me!’ And this one throws them, corns it with 2,000 pesos, 1,500 pesos a month and they settle for that and say: ‘corns to my grandmother, corns to me, corns to my sister who is a single mother’, then adding he has to give them $8,000 and they settle for that, they didn’t go to school And since they took away civility in school, what happened to us Mexicans? He did not get to work for Mexico, he got to destroy. I can’t take it all I could“, Said the also producer.

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    The controversial response quickly became a trend, arousing all kinds of comments from those who supported her, assuring that she had only told the truth, to users who felt attacked by her words.

    The lady said a great truth It is a country with problems of values”, “What an unfortunate character”, “Laura knows about maiceo stretch out your hand to see what Thalia gives you“, “Whoever has the jacket, put it on, there are many Mexicans who work very hard”, “The only thing I admire about Laura is the great granddaughter who went with her grandmother”, “I do not agree that we are a country of lazy“,” I do not agree with you that we are lazy”, pointed out some YouTube users.

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    But it did not end there, since even AMLO joined the accusations calling her “racist” and “classist” during the press conference that she offers every morning at the National Palace. Of course, Laura Zapata was not silent and turned to her Twitter account to respond to the criticism she received.

    “Now they made my day. They accuse me of being racist and classist for exposing my thoughts in the @carlosalazraki program for real what level, truths bother them and then the rain of insults, those who always say and if I am bitter, old, ugly, “he said in a series of messages.

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    Source: La Opinion

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