EntertainmentLaura Bozzo shows off her most daring look with a transparent body...

    Laura Bozzo shows off her most daring look with a transparent body for the galas of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

    Not afraid of criticism Laura Bozzo showed off her figure with a daring look during her participation in the galas of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, for which she chose a transparent bodysuit that, according to her fans, makes her look like she is “20 years old”.

    Everything seems to indicate that the Peruvian presenter is used to the rigorous comments she receives on social networks, from those in which her detractors claim that she abuses the filters because she does not admit her age, to those in which they criticize her way of dressing. and act.

    But once again he showed that he is not afraid of cruel accusations, for which he even ended up showing off the thin silhouette that he possesses at 70 years of age.

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    And it is that, Laura Bozzo boasted with her Instagram followers the sensual outfit that she chose for her controversial participation as a luxury guest at the galas of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, a reality show in which she was a participant in its second season and of which she is now It is up to him to comment on the behavior of the 17 celebrities who continue in the competition.

    In a brief recording, the so-called “Miss Laura” modeled for the camera a set of black pants with a shiny texture that she combined with a translucent body in the sleeves and neckline which also allowed us to see her flat abdomen.

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    In the video that was seen with a positive attitude and the most smiling, Bozzo explained that he chose this outfits because she wants to look more daring in this month of lovers.

    “Now i’m dressing sexier for the galas of La Casa de los Famosos. thanks for these bold medium looks dedicated to the month of love”, is heard saying.

    However, on this occasion he received all kinds of comments, from those who praised his figure, to strong criticism in which they assured the intervention he had when giving his opinion was disappointing, because according to the comments of his followers, he lacked the courage to say what he really thought of Nicole Chavez.

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    “You feel so beautiful at 20 years old”, “Laura you did not do anything you had to do today and it was to be the voice of the public”, “You dressed very badly attacking the other relatives and the boxer you even got down to kiss his feet”, “How regal and daring”, “You look spectacular”, some users wrote.

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