EntertainmentKris Jenner has so much money that she doesn't know how many...

    Kris Jenner has so much money that she doesn’t know how many houses she owns

    Kris Jenner has so much money that she doesn't know how many houses she owns

    It has always been said that Kris Jenner was the one who managed to make the scandal of the leak of a sexual video of her daughter Kim Kardashian become the cornerstone on which to build an entire media empire. This clip continues to be talked about even this year when Ray J claimed that she leaked it. Since then, her job has been to be the representative of both Kim and her other four daughters, and they all agree that she never forgives her commission.

    The “momanager” usually earns 10 percent of the total earnings of her five daughters. Considering that Kendall is a successful model, that Kylie founded a multi-million dollar makeup company, just like Kim, who has also created another shapewear company, and that both Kourtney and Khloe have their own businesses, it is clear that Kris is a woman with a lot of money.

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    Apparently, Kris Jenner has enough to forget the properties that exactly make up her real estate portfolio. because I wasn’t even aware that he has a condo in Beverly Hill.

    “I had forgotten he was here. Sounds ridiculous, right? ”, Kris has confessed before the cameras of her reality show, in which she is one of the executive producers. “It’s a very welcoming place, if I may say so,” she added after visiting with her daughter Khloe.

    The proof that he has barely set foot in the house since he bought it is that the only thing he found inside the fridge was expired food and two dozen bottles of champagne. Actually, Kris intended to use it to visit her mother Mary Jo more often, but in the end her busy schedule always prevents her from doing so even if she has a place to stay.

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    However, it is that as Khloe showed in a video, Kris doesn’t have to worry about visiting her other homes when her new mansion is full of luxuries.

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