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    Kimberly Flores, wife of Edwin Luna, shows on video the transformation of her beautiful house

    Guatemalan influencer Kimberly Flores, 33, who is married to Edwin Luna, shared a video that shows details of the remodeling they are doing to her beautiful home in the city of Monterrey, in northern Mexico.

    In a material, lasting almost 34 minutes, the also model allowed us to observe in detail the decoration of her property by Halloweenas well as some of the changes they are making to certain rooms.

    Among the modifications they are making is the game room, a space that is not only enjoyed by her younger children, but also by her little friends and even by her and Edwin.

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    “We are going to put two red poufs, a red armchair here and this one is going to go,” said the participant of ‘Rica Famosa Latina’, referring to the brown-tone modular-style armchair that they will remove because it no longer fits the new concept from that corner.

    That room also draws attention for its black painted wall, which was decorated with the legend “Hardcore Gamer” and with the image of a video game control, as well as for its television screen, which simulates being a real control and for its colorful furniture, where they keep various items.

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    The game room is located inside a room that has two single beds. The bed area was decorated with various Spider-Man paintings, but they were removed, as they already collide with the new image of the place.

    Kimberly hopes that in the next few days the new decoration of the games room will be finished, although she still does not know what she will do with the armchair that she will remove, with the paintings and with the old television cabinet. The former plans to take it to the ranch or find a little place for it in another room, while he plans to give away the paintings and furniture.

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    Source: La Opinion

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