EntertainmentKim Kardashian scolds her son Saint “Latin” for being rude to paparazzi

    Kim Kardashian scolds her son Saint “Latin” for being rude to paparazzi

    If they believed that kim kardashian, for being one of the most millionaire women in the world, was going to let one of her children disrespect another person in front of everyone and in the middle of the street, they are wrong. Right in that scenario, scolded Saint. On social networks, Thousands of women have said that his scolding for the way he did it seems “Latino.”

    Of course it’s a joke, but it has always been said that American women are a little “softer” than Latin mothers, who scold anywhere. The fact is that the children of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West They also get tired, due to being “famous”, of the press and paparazzi. Saint West, 5 years old, without fear of anything, swore at a paparazzi with his finger.

    A video of Kim Kardashian and her son Saint were shown walking together that ended up going viral on “X” (old Twitter) when YE’s little one showed her the finger. Many took it as funny, but not for Kim, because it caught her attention in the middle of everyone. Clearly, “The Kardashian” star didn’t find it funny.

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    Just as many other people have criticized her for calling him out in front of everyone. They say she should have done it in private. Others say that he did the right thing, since Saint is only 7 years old and it is not appropriate behavior for a child of that age.

    Social networks then started a whole debate about who was right and what was correct. On the one hand, there were those who defended Saint, claiming that paparazzi routinely violate the privacy of celebrities, including in this case, the privacy of a young child. They perceived the boy’s action as an understandable reaction to constant pressure from the media.

    On the other hand, some detractors blamed Kim Kardashian for her “love of fame.” They argued that she is exposing her children to this media life without giving them the opportunity to choose whether they want to be a part of being in the public eye or not. Let’s remember that children appear on the reality show Hulu and That has been a big topic of debate with Kanye West’s lawyers.

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    This has only brought to light the extent to which celebrities must expose their children. Taking into account that paparazzi photos are not always allowed by the artist in front of them. This is very different from if a celebrity takes his son to an interview or gives one to a magazine, where, in advance, he is already authorizing that.

    Saint West’s action may have been seen as a reasonable reaction to the paparazzi intrusion, but it also raises questions about celebrity parents’ obligation to protect their privacy. Jennifer Lopez, on occasions, has done it and prefers not to take them to certain events, where the attention of something else at that moment can end up falling on them.

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    Saint has already been famous for his participation in events. We recently saw him watching Inter Miami play and take photos with one of his idols, Lionel Messi. However, we will have to wait and see what happens, while Kim takes care of her children and Kanye West He is in Italy with his current wife, Bianca Censori.

    Although their divorce has led them through different battles, the legal reality is that they share custody of their children and that also implies sharing the criteria of how they will handle these types of situations. Let us remember that In addition to Saint, they are also parents to North, Chicago and Psalm.

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