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    Karol G confessed how intense it was to work with Shakira and they revealed part of their song: “TQG”

    The album “Tomorrow will be beautiful” of Karol G that goes out to the platforms on February 24 has many collaborations including one with the also Colombian Shakira. the bichota gave an interview to The New York Times and there he confessed how intense and long it was to work with the singer of the “Waka waka”.

    The dream, another one, of Karol G was to work with Shakira. Of course and very faithful to his convictions, he did it. already revealed part of the song they recorded together promises to be a hard shock to their respective exes: Anuel AA and Gerard Pique. The theme is called “TQG” (It’s Big on You) and to get it ready, La Bichota had to work up to 16 hours a day for 5 days in a row because “Shak” wanted everything without the slightest mistake. This is not to mention that He came to do the same shots up to 35 times.

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    Everything indicates that, Karol G like Bizarrap, Ozuna and Rauw Alejandro they did in the pasthe grabbed his bags and went to Barcelona to lock himself in the studio with Shakira. since a long time Anuel AA’s ex I wanted to do this collaboration with Pique’s ex. Of the songs she sent, none ended up taking hold. But finally, and in the midst of spite, there was one that he not only liked but that fascinated him.

    “She said, ‘My God, thank you. Those lyrics are perfectly how I feel right now-“assured the interpreter of “Provence” and “Gatubela”. They immediately got to work to record “TQG”. It seems to be an ode to anger, by letting go of it and not keeping anything to yourself. Of course, this will turn the spotlight back to both Anuel AA and Gerard Pique and their pairs.

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    “At least with me I kept you pretty” and “You going out to look for food and me thinking it was monotony”reviewed in Today. Of course, the first sentence fits with anuel aa. It is not a secret that, since she began her relationship with Yailin The Most Viralhis weight loss was the subject of discussion.

    And of Shakira there is little that can be said here. His songs in this era of his career, without a doubt, have already become a rallying cry for millions of women around the world.. This, given the new relationship of the father of his children Milan and Sasha with the 23-year-old girl, Clara Chia Martin.

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    “Tomorrow will be beautiful” It is the new work of the Colombian. Not only Shakira participates in ithe. He also worked with finneasbrother and producer of billie eilishreggae singer Sean Paul, Romeo Santos whose song “X Si Volvemos” has already been released, as well as “Gatubela” with Maldy.

    Karol G confessed to The New York Times that this album talks a lot about what it is and that it scares him a little. At times people forget that artists are also human. Singer urban genre He opened his heart in each of his songs and gave a glimpse of how his heart has really been in recent years.

    “I was really, like, I’m not going to fall in love again. I’m not going to try to build my personal life with anyone. But life has just brought someone into my life that is like making me feel happy again, so I wanted to share moments with someone else again”, statements that can be taken as a confirmation that Karol G is in love again.

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