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    Karina Banda reveals what wound she had to heal to “save” her relationship with Carlos Ponce

    Karina Banda and her husband Carlos Ponce are in one of the fullest stages of his life, as they reap successes on a personal and professional level with their most recent collaboration in the reality show “Enamorandonos La Isla”, which will hit VIX screens on April 20.

    Despite the fact that life smiles at them, not everything has been rosy within their relationship. In an in-depth conversation with her followers, the television presenter had no problem admitting that she had to modify some aspects of her personality so that her romance with the actor would occur in a healthy way.

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    This topic came up while Karina Banda did a question-and-answer dynamic on Instagram. “You are jealous? Do you get jealous when you are away from your husband for a long time?” asked a fan.

    Before, I was VERY jealous, but Maricela Guerrero helped me work on that, Carlos doesn’t have to pay for the piper from my past“, The famous responded forcefully, referring to the therapy that followed.

    And wow, said internal work paid off, as Karina Banda and Carlos Ponce ended up getting married in June 2022, surrounded by friends and family in a religious wedding that caused fury on social networks.

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    Since then, The couple has given themselves the task of sharing one or the other glimpse of their married life, as well as the plans they have for the future. One of the most mentioned is their desire to become parents; Although it has not yet come true, the couple does not rule out the idea of ​​welcoming a baby.

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