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    Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, accused of immorality in Italy for being almost naked

    The wife of the hip hop exponent, Kanye West, Bianca Censori, once again causes a show off on the streets of Italy by going out practically naked with a “nude” pantyhose through Italy. For some time now, the residents of Florence have been complaining about the conduct of the Kim Kardashian’s ex and his new love, but now They have called it immoral in the press and they even plan to fine them.

    Accustomed to the variety and “Open Mind” atmosphere of Hollywood and Los Angeles, Kanye West has flaunted his wife’s great body for weeks, the designer and architect, Bianca Censori. The same that is also the best model you can have the ex of kim kardashian to show off how cutting edge it is in fashion.

    The designs come from her mind and from who is also her adviser in all this, Bianca Censori. She together with Kanye West make up a powerful duo, now when it comes to futuristic looks. For a long time we have seen it in Italy, while she wears pantyhose or even practically nothing at all, showing half of her very sexy attributes. Because it must be said, the 27-year-old is spectacular.

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    Although in Italy they want to fine or arrest them under the charge of “Public Indecency”, in addition to calling them immoral in various mediaThere are several photos on social networks where everyone present around them is seen with their jaws on the floor before the beauty of the Australian.

    The truth is, if they could receive these complaints in which they would have to pay a fine of 10,000 euros and up to four years in prison if there are minors present. So, knowing the behavior of Donda’s interpreter, he would surely be willing to pay. At least the monetary punishment.

    Kanye West has not received the same acceptance. Let’s remember that we are in the middle of summer and high temperatures are evident in much of Europe. The costumes that YE designs and wears are made of layers of fabrics and even masks. The same ones that Bianca Censori has also dressed.

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    The truth is that, with the heat, It seems that Kanye West has picked up some unbearable body odors. This information comes direct from his team, who told the Daily Mail that the clothing designs of Travis Scott’s friend, Added to the fact that he does not like to bathe very much and does not like to use deodorant, they make the rapper literally stink.

    Several witnesses have also told the media in Italy, specifically in Florence, where the celebrity couple is currently staying, that those supposed bad smells of Kanye West make the residents of the area comment on social networks and local press.

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    “I don’t understand. Aren’t they millionaires???? They are supposed to bleat, at least”, “Poor woman with reason the Kardashian left him, normal” and “Let them be fined. I don’t have to see naked people on my street for whom I pay thousands in taxes.” and “Let them be deported” are part of the comments that can be read on social networks. The truth is that, some like it and others don’t, this couple does know how to attract attention.

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    Source: La Opinion

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