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    Julio Preciado opposes established singers working as opening acts for Featherweight and Natanael Cano

    After Featherweight and Natanael Cano were announced as the star singers of the Arre Festival, which will be held in Mexico City, in September, Julio Preciado was against the fact that some established music stars are going to be used as opening acts for their presentations.

    According to the Sinaloan interpreter, the organizers of the event belittle the trajectory of several of his colleagues to empower fashionable young people who have a long way to go to consolidate and they are only the product of trends that at a certain moment will end up collapsing in the same way that they managed to stand out.

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    During an interview granted for the television program “Sale el Sol”, the former member of the band El Recodo, expressed his annoyance at the lack of criteria of the organizers of the Arre Festival.

    For me it is disrespectful to see where they put a Ramon Ayala to an Alicia Villarreal. How do you think Ramon Ayala is going to open up to these little boys, really. How do you think the Northern Hurricanes are going to open them up, or Alicia Villarreal or Edith Marquez herself. All of them fill the palenques without the need for others to help them. How are they going to open the presentation to an artist just because it’s fashionable?

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    Also, Precious He blamed his professional colleagues for not respecting their years of experience that allowed them to consolidate their respective careers, but above all for not reviewing the contracts they sign in detail, because it is there where it is established that they will be located as second-rate artists when they should be stellar.

    “There are many other things in between there. I think that above all you should have dignity when accepting a commitment and seeing the place where they are placing you on the billboard. At least for me, if they had invited me, I would have seen what conditions I was in and if it was not appropriate then: ‘thank you very much, gentlemen, I do not agree with this movement, I am not from these times. I’m not going to put my name on this to get rich,’” he emphasized.

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    It should be noted that from Last year, Julio Preciado made clear his rejection of the lying down corridos by assuring that they would be a passing fad and that implied that Natanael Cano sent him a message where he predicted that “everyone would kneel” before said generation.

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