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    Julio Preciado exhibits how much Featherweight earns for each concert | VIDEO

    the mexican singer Julio Preciado He has been one of the artists who has most criticized the changes in the Mexican Regional, and has revealed that he is not the number one fan of Corridos Tumbados.

    For this reason, he decided to give some comments about it, because this time before the cameras of the program “De Primera Mano” He pointed out that this genre does not contribute anything to Mexican music, much less to them as singers.

    And in the same way, Preciado again monopolized all the reflectors after he revealed the millionaire amount he charges Featherweight for one of his presentations, which sparked endless rumors.

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    The former vocalist of the “Banda del Recodo” spoke again about the movement of lying corridos and the high amounts charged by their creators both in Mexico and the United States.

    Preciado, true to his style, confessed that making a song of this controversial genre is quite “cheap” because many musicians are not needed, unlike the presentations he leads where there are up to 30 people on stage.

    Given this, Don Julio has shown that his genre and style do not expire, but he does recognize that the lying down corridos and their representatives sometimes even charge more than they do for their presentations or at least that was the information that they managed to gather a few months ago.

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    Finally, Don Julio, who is considered one of the great voices of the regional Mexican genre, He asked Natanael Cano, Featherweight and Junior H -the great figures of the lying down corridos- not to consider themselves part of Mexican music.

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    Source: La Opinion

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