EntertainmentJulio Iglesias faces a delicate health problem warns his close circle

    Julio Iglesias faces a delicate health problem warns his close circle

    Julio Jose Iglesias de la Cueva, the singer who has sold the most records in the history of Spain, He has made his fans sad after it transpired that his health would be in serious predicament.

    In various spaces dedicated to entertainment the version is handled that the living legend of music suffers from a serious physical deterioration that has presumably condemned him to require a wheelchair so that they move him from one point to another in his residence and the saddest thing about his case is that his memory also begins to show the passage of time, because He would no longer be able to even remember the lyrics of the songs that made him an idol.

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    Through social networks, Alberto Mateyko, who throughout his life has stood out for cultivating a great friendship with the Madrid singer, asked him to clarify his true state of health.

    “What’s going on Julio? why so silence? That’s why so many guesses Jorge Rial said that ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez, when leaving your house, affirmed that he saw you in a wheelchair, Daniel Scioli came out to deny it, but that came out in all the media. Friend, I suggest you go out and show your face, people ask me knowing about our friendship and I say ‘I don’t know anything’, what’s going on Julito?” wrote the Argentine.

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    It is mentioned that the 79-year-old singer is suffering the consequences of a severe spinal cord injury that prevented him from transcending as a professional athlete in his youth. and now they condemn him to require the support of a wheelchair to get around when necessary.

    For his part, Matias Vazquez, host of the Argentine television program “A la tarde”, which is broadcast on America TV, went even further in his remarks by assuring that Julio Iglesias’ health problems are already of a cognitive nature.

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    “They tell me that it is tremendous, the motor part and the cognitive part do not respond to Julio Iglesias, he directly no longer remembers his own songs”he pointed.

    The truth is that, for years, Julio Iglesias has remained isolated in a majestic property of 450 hectares of land, which is located in Marbella, Spain, which is known as “Cuatro Lunas”.

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