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    Julieta Venegas, the storyteller

    Julieta Venegas is a storyteller, and if they have to do with love, even better.

    “I really like telling stories, and I really like love as a subject to write about,” said the Tijuana-born singer —although she was born in Long Beach, California— last week, when she was in Los Angeles to participate in the music festival , Kiss Me a lot. For example, in my [nuevo] disco, in ‘Despechada mexicana’ I was inspired by songs by Jose Alfredo Jimenez and by Juan Gabriel on the wave of spite”.

    But not only that. In her album “Tu historia”, which was released a few weeks ago, there is also a bit of humor —precisely in “Mexicana despechada”—, there are stories with different endings, a bit of conflict and even how to tell a friend that their relationship ended recently that you don’t have to erase the past, but remember the best of it.

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    “I also talk about nostalgia and telling the truth,” said the interpreter who has lived in Buenos Aires for several years.

    For this production, Julieta decided to change scenery and work with Alex Anwandter, a talented Chilean singer and creator whose indie music is distinguished by its cheerful and festive tone. It was a situation that arose after Julieta initially planned to do a duet with him.

    As a result, the album ended with a good diversity of rhythms, but above all with a lot of strings, something that is new in the artist’s artistic work.

    “I love them, I think they are important,” said Julieta, who at this time is finishing the Vernos de nuevo tour. “For next year’s tour we will have to include string musicians because now there are only four of us in my band.”

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    The album’s repertoire also includes a song that has to do with a situation that afflicts women, especially women. In the song “Walking alone”, the singer reflects on what it means for many to have to walk the streets alone and the danger that this act often entails.

    The lyrics were inspired one night when Juliet was at a party and decided to return home early because she was “little” (fear) having to go out and face the night alone.

    “Saying that a woman walks alone at night has a very different meaning than a man walking alone at night,” he said. “It serves for that, to make a reflection; at least something that I feel and that other people can feel.

    At the same time, much of the aesthetic of this album is inspired by the archive of photos of his father, Jose Luis Venegas, who for many years dedicated himself to documenting the life of Tijuana society. Now, Yvonne, Juliet’s twin sister — who is a professional photographer — is publishing the work of their father. A part of the images can be seen on the Instagram account that the Venegas Percevault family opened for this purpose.

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    Meanwhile, the artist may travel to Tijuana with her daughter Simona to spend Christmas with the family. Julieta visits this border city more than Mexico City, where she lived for several years, she said. Both parents of the interpreter still reside there. Then, in March, she will kick off her new tour, which will take her across the Americas, Europe and possibly Brazil for the first time.

    Source: La Opinion

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