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    Julian Gil confessed in Sit Who Can that he wants to be a father again

    After the lawsuit that led to custody of his youngest son, the result of a brief relationship he had with Marjorie DeSousaactor, entertainer and businessman Julian Gil confessed that he wants to become a father again. Despite having almost all of her grown children, she considers her to be one of the greatest blessings for a man.

    Just a few days ago, the host of the program UniMore, sit as you cangot engaged to his girlfriend, the sports journalist Valeria Marin. There in the middle of the desert and the most important event for Julian Gil how was he World Cup Qatar 2022He handed her a ring. He now he has assured that would love to have another child.

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    “I know fellow friends who still haven’t been able to be parents, and they still regret it,” he said. Julian. He acknowledges that he began the hard work of raising very young. Just 16 years old. He said that he could not enjoy his first daughter as much Nicole Gil because he had to prepare and work. Time was very limited.

    Now with the good and above all stable relationship that he has with valerie marinthe presenter of sit who can He said that it was something that he had ruled out, but that the bug has arisen again. “Age does not matter. One of the things that can give you energy and vitality in life is being a father”added gil.

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    It was certainly one of the best Christmases for Julian Gil and for his many fans that he has. As soon as they published the photo where Julian is giving “the rock” to his girlfriend, social networks exploded with joy. Of course, this brought to light all the controversy that he has had with the mother of his son Matias, Marjorie DeSousa.

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    Let’s remember that he himself has not lived with the little one for a long time and on the other hand, the Venezuelan actress also has a lot to evade the issue before the press. Not so long ago Julian Gil gave an interview to Yordi Rosado in which he detailed step by step how his relationship with Marjorie DeSousa until the last contact they had for the custody and support of the child they have in common. Of course also his version of events regarding the reason for separation.

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    Julian Gil He is Argentine raised in Puerto Rico and resides in Miami. He is also a soccer fan. That is why the fact that he has committed himself in Qatar, just when the team that raised the FIFA World Cup was Argentinarepresented a double happiness for the actor.

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    Let’s see if he really dares to give his children a younger brother nicole, Julian Y matias along with the woman he currently loves, Valeria.

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