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    Julian Figueroa revealed why he was not afraid of death in La Mesa Caliente | VIDEO

    The death of the Mexican singer-songwriter Julian Figueroa It took us all by surprise, as he was barely 27 years old and was not known to have any health condition.

    But there is much talk that he could feel that it was already stalking him, after the Telemundo program La Mesa Caliente decided to remember the visit of the son of Maribel Guardia to this show, where he talked about everything, but especially about death and the meaning he saw in life.

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    According to what was published by the controversial show, this visit had been on May 4, 2022, just two days after Julian’s 27th birthday.and where he was questioned on various topics, including what he thought about dying.

    This all started after one of the presenters questioned him about one of his tattoos in particular. Which he had on one of his forearms, and had three symbols. Which were a cross, a heart and a horseshoe, which he pointed to, was something his dad taught him.

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    According to the also actor, for his late father Joan Sebastian these symbols meant faithwhich symbolized the cross, love was represented with a heart and luck with a horseshoe.

    But he had added one more element to his design, and he put a skull symbolizing death and time.

    He began by explaining Julian, who while telling this, said something that surprised more than one of the drivers. Well, he pointed out that he is not afraid of death, since he saw it as the opportunity to enjoy and make the most of life..

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    He even dared to ensure that many feared this step in life because they are not aware that it is not the end. For him there was something beyond death.

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    Source: La Opinion

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