EntertainmentJudith Owen, come and get it, no apologies

    Judith Owen, come and get it, no apologies

    Taken out of the long uncertainty and the pandemic confinement, Judith Owen’s new album “Come on and get it” (Come and take it) is more than a tribute to the performers who challenged the conventions of the 40’s and 50’s.

    Available on vinyl from earlier this month, the record features a suggestive selection of tunes like Blossom’s Blues, Satchel Mouth Baby, I Didnt like It The First Time, Tess Torch Song and He’s a Tramp among others, made popular by female artists who they sang of sex when they were barely allowed to talk about romance.

    Owen, who has been called a blues badass, makes it clear that if anything defines this twenty-third album on the Twanky label, it’s that it’s unapologetic about its daring and entertaining tracks.

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    “I didn’t want to do something very heavy, but rather to relive what my father’s records meant to me from a young age”, explains the artist about the origin of the material.

    What resulted, however, is more of a testament to rebellion and female empowerment in which she unapologetically incites and excites her audience.

    After his brash show at The Rose Sun on Sunset, Owen tells us about the origin of his love for the genre: “Despite being a successful opera performer and being immersed in the classical world, he always instilled in me a taste for Jazz.” That and the difficult image of a sick mother established an independence as a woman and as an artist that she does not abandon.

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    “What I’ve always tried to do since I started my career is to be authentic to myself,” says Owen, whose own style led her to become an independent producer who carries that same character into her art.

    “I never wanted to repeat the ordeal of trying to please a Capitol Records executive for over a year, so I decided to do something that was going to end up becoming the way of business for the entire industry anyway.” about the way music is produced and marketed today.

    Her show, like herself, is irreverent and assertive but sweet at the same time, loaded with moments of double entendres but without pretensions, with which she has a good part of the road to success assured from the beginning.

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    “Women in their 20’s ask me for advice on how to be like that, self-confident… and many in their 40’s who face the dilemma that society makes them invisible, I tell them that this is nothing but a myth, pure m…. “, She affirms.

    Recorded in New Orleans, the second home (besides Los Angeles) of this Welsh woman who is in love with jazz, the album includes the participation of renowned musicians such as Jason Marsalis, Donald Harrison Jr., Charlie Gabriel, Nicholas Payton, David Torkanowsy, Kevin Louis, Evan Christohper and Ricardo Pascal among others.

    According to his agent, the new album has had over 1 million streams and 600,000 video views.

    Source: La Opinion

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