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    Juan Osorio cries and calls Barbara Torres manipulative for nominating her son Emilio in LCDLF

    The situation for Barbara Torres is complicated within ‘La Casa de los Famosos Mexico’ and her decision to nominate Emilio Osorio has generated much criticism against her, including those of John Osoriofather of the young actor and who published a video in which, crying over the possible elimination of his son, he went against the Argentine actress.

    And it is that she was the main person responsible for the fact that he, also the son of Niurka Marcos is in danger of leaving the competition, as it only took three votes for him to be nominated, two of which were given to him by Barbara.

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    “It hurt me, it hurt me to see Emilio nominated there, I think he still has weeks to continue competing and continue doing things. It hurt me to see his little face saying: ‘Who nominated me?’ At that moment I lived that ”, It was the first reaction of the producer, who made a live broadcast through his social networks.

    After expressing his feelings about the possibility that Emilio’s adventure in “La Casa de los Famosos Mexico” ends next Sunday, he decided to rant against Barbara and Mariana ‘La Barby’ Juarezwho were the only ones to give him points at the Nomination Gala.

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    “Barbara is a great manipulator and a great blackmailer, very well said Raquel and Sergio, she wears a thousand masks so they don’t discover her, but that’s how she is and ‘Barby’ doesn’t even know where her head is, she goes like a sheep to where they pull it, but no way. I adore my son, I adore him, Emilio has a very special affection”he mentioned.

    Although at first he seemed calm after learning of his nomination, Emilio let off steam a short time later, shouting “I’m going to the area$%&, to the area%&/ I’m going”. But not only he was affected, in general all the members of the Fourth Hell were shocked, because they did not expect that he could be at risk of leaving.

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    On the other hand, Poncho De Nigris, Wendy Guevara, Sergio Mayer and Nicola Porcella, began to wonder who had nominated him and they immediately thought that it could be Barbara, something that she finally He accepted responsibility and explained that he did it because he respected the pact he had made with Sergio and also offered an apology to the young actor.

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