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    Juan Osorio closes the doors forever to Barbara Torres for betraying her son | VIDEO

    The House of Famous Mexico is on fire and its members have lived moments full of intensity this week, where three men are nominated and, for the first time, a gentleman will be the one who will leave the most famous house in Mexico. Given this, one of the nominations has caused special discontent, with Emilio Osorio being affected.

    The strategic decision that Barbara Torres made has not been liked by anyone but her, since the members of #TeamInfierno have questioned her reasons inside the house. Outside of this, the fans have shown with hundreds of messages the rejection of the treacherous action of the actress. As if that were not enough, Juan Osorio, TV producer and Emilio’s father, has also been sincere and flatly rejected the actions of whoever was “Excelsa” in La Familia P. Luche.

    With this as a preamble, Juan came to support Emilio and there he opened up about what he will not offer Barbara Torres once he leaves, rejecting her apologies and assuring that he will never work with her, because she is not a woman to trust.

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    With a call that Juan Osorio made through Instagram, he managed to gather several fans of his son Emilio. There, stationed outside the house and in high spirits to support him, the producer indicated his feelings about what Barbara Torres did to him in the nomination.

    “Tears of courage came to my eyes, it’s not worth it, I know he’s going to be nominated and the game is like that but not Barbara, not her, I didn’t expect that. I am not surprised about Barbie (Juarez), she is a person who is unaware of what she is, but Barbara? After all that Emilio has done for her and knows her mother, but it is the game and what go well with her. What I am sure of is that he will never work with me”, Juan Osorio sentenced against Barbara Torres.

    After pointing out that he says things honestly and that he will give Wendy Guevara her TV show; The producer continued his reflection and accepted that he understands what the game is like and knows that Emilio is not the favorite, knowing that Wendy is the strongest competitor in the house, the one that provides the best content and the one that people want to see.

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    “Wendy has done a great job, she has done sections on the reality show, it is a very important engine. But, a lady who spends her time screaming in gossipy corners… that’s how it is, ”she said.

    Openly and with obvious annoyance, Juan Osorio continued against Barbara Torres, pointing out that his only leading role can be there, inside the house.

    “Emilio has no masks, Barbara has 30 masks. He already has the leading role of him, there, outside he will never have it. I’m angry, ”he said and even recalled that Barbara Torres treated Talina Fernandez badly at the time of her.

    To culminate his participation, Juan Osorio confessed that he received a support call from Issabela Camil, who expressed her love and respect for the deep friendship that has emerged between Sergio Mayer and Emilio Osorio, who have developed a father-son bond in home.

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    The producer finished off with another special thanks to his close friend Gloria Trevi, with whom he revealed he has had a deep and trusting relationship for many years.

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