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    Jorge Salinas did not see it coming. A VIDEO of alleged infidelity comes to light!

    Just a few days ago Jorge Salinas He went out to rant again against the press, since he assures that the alleged infidelity to his wife, elizabeth alvarezThey were pure gossip. But now the controversial YouTube show, Gossip no like, presented a video where the protagonist of “My heart is yours” is seen, allegedly kissing a woman.

    Let’s remember that at the beginning of 2023, a real scandal broke out after the controversial TV Notas magazine published images of Salinas allegedly kissing nutritionist Anna Paula Guerrero.

    That caused the Mexican actor to come out to deny these images, as we remember that he is married to the also Mexican actress, Elizabeth Alvarez.

    Despite the fact that this scandal lasted a couple of months, as the days went by it dissipated. But recently the press revived the issue, because the program hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, presented a video in which the kiss between the nutritionist and the actor would be seen more clearly.

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    At the time, Salinas denied everything and assured that everything was a manipulation of the media. But with this video published by the famous program, it would be proven that the soap opera lover was unfaithful to his wife Elizabeth Alvarez.

    Said video would have been taken on the outskirts of Televisa. According to the version that Dr. Guerrero had given a few months ago, He only went to deliver his medications to his place of work and later said goodbye giving him a kiss on the cheek, however, it can be seen in the video, the approach was on the lips.

    But that was not the only thing that Beristain and Ceriani presented, because the famous conductors got another video in which Anna Paula is seen near the Televisa facilities.

    According to the controversial drivers, she and Salinas had planned to escape together for one night, so the doctor would have stayed waiting for him in a plaza near the television station from 2:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.

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    Apparently the meeting could not materialize, because supposedly Elizabeth Alvarez had come to Televisa by surprise to meet her husband.

    In the second video they present, the nutritionist is seen walking in a shopping mall in the afternoon and leaving the place until late at night.

    They even revealed that he had a coffee, went to the gym and did other earrings on the site, assuring that he was waiting for the 54-year-old actor, because according to them, they had an extramarital relationship, which they denied months ago.

    Until now, neither Jorge Salinas nor Dr. Anna Paula Guerrero have spoken about it. But earlier this year, The protagonist of “The one who could not love” denied this extramarital situation and assured that it was only a professional relationship.

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    In addition, Salinas came out to defend his marriage to Elizabeth Alvarez and denied that they were in a crisis. For her part, the actress did not elaborate much on the subject with the media, while on her social networks she revealed that she was fine with her husband despite the scandal.

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    Source: La Opinion

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