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    Jordi Martin’s message to Clara Chia that has everyone intrigued, “Where was Gerard Pique on May 8?”

    Jordi Martin continues to give people something to talk about and after the legal dispute he faced with Clara Chia and Gerard Pique, the paparazzo returned to the charge last Friday in ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ and in addition to revealing why Shakira’s children will not go to the wedding of his paternal uncle, He also sent a message to the ex-soccer player’s girlfriend who left ‘La Flaca’ and Karina Banda with their mouths open.

    And it is that the Spanish journalist asked the couple of the president and owner of the King’s League, to ask themselves “Where was Gerard Pique on May 8? The night of May 8”which immediately caused a surprised reaction on the set.

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    After that, the drivers and the reporter joked about what Lili Estefan had done that day and after reviewing her routine, she confessed, “Oh no, how boring”, to which the Catalan replied, “Well, I think that Gerard Pique had a much better time that night than you, eh”.

    This message from Jordi Martin came after he revealed that the recent rumors about the ex-soccer player and Clara Chia being close to getting married and that they will announce it on the ex-soccer player’s brother’s wedding day could be true, so in social networks it is believed that it could be an infidelity that the paparazzo will reveal later.

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    The reporter also revealed that the reasons why Milan and Sasha will not attend their uncle’s wedding ceremony, since the agreement is that Gerard Pique returns them to Miami this Monday, since the number of days that they have to spend has already expired. with the.

    However, she commented that the reason why she chose these dates could be because she had a very good relationship with her sister-in-law, but when some photos were revealed in which her now ex’s new partner was dating her, she felt betrayed.

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