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    Jesus More returns to remove “the thorn” from ‘Top Chef VIP 2’ with Helen Ochoa

    Sebastian Villalobos, Alana Lliteras, Laura Zapata, Arturo Peniche, Genesis Suero and German Montero completed the six finalists of ‘Top Chef VIP 2’ and their visit to Cartagena, Colombia expected to find big surprises, but not with ten of their former colleagues , who sought to return to the kitchen.

    And although some like Isis Serrath did not return with the best attitudemost of them wanted to show that they were not wasting time and continued to improve their cooking skills, but only two of them succeeded.

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    It was about Helen Ochoa and Jesus More, who met the expectations of the judges and will have a second chance in the competition, which made his former colleagues happy, particularly in the case of the Mexican actor, since some of them consider that his elimination was unfair.

    And since there was no time to lose, Jesus showed that he does not hold any kind of resentment and chose Laura as part of his team in the second challenge of the episode, whose objective was to avoid elimination on Monday, and in which they were also Alana and Sebastian.

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    The strategy of integrating it worked, as the judges really liked their shellfish and, although it was a difficult decision for the chefs, They determined that it will be precisely them who will be able to witness the elimination challenge from the cellar.

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