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    Ivonne Montero reveals what she did with the money she earned in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

    Almost 8 months after winning the juicy prize of $200 thousand dollars in ‘The House of Famous’, Ivonne Montero revealed the destination of the award And if the criticism that you continue to receive from some ex-participants bothers you.

    In August 2021 yvonne montero was crowned the absolute winner of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’, and although she has received criticism since then, she confesses that her goals are very clear and What do you plan to do with the money you earned?as well as the noble cause that inspired her to stay for more than thirteen weeks, facing fights, crying, laughing and endless emotions along with 16 other celebrities.

    And it is that, as revealed during an interview with the reporter Italia Herrera, the actress and singer from Mexico City agreed to enter the Telemundo reality show for a single reason: his daughter Antonellawho unfortunately suffers from a delicate heart condition for which she has to undergo complex surgery.

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    He explained that, despite the criticism he continues to receive from some of his former colleagues, he was always clear that his only goal was to have enough money to cover his firstborn’s medical expenses.

    “It is something that causes me some discomfort because to date there are still participants who complain that I exposed this situation and that that’s why I won, well yes, obviously why else would it be“he commented.

    She recalled the moments of anguish she experienced when her daughter was only two years old and was in danger of death, during which time her finances did not allow her to transfer her to a clinic where they could provide her with the necessary care.

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    “We are living in a very difficult situation. when she was two years old she was in danger of death and it was very, very serious, and I could not move her from the hospital due to a lack of economyfrom the Institute of Cardiology, which is a large hospital, but at that time, unfortunately, there was an epidemic inside the hospital and I could not move it because I did not have the financial means,” he confessed.

    Since then, she affirms, her only objective was to be prepared for the moment in which her daughter needed medical attention and surgery, because although she still does not have a date for it, she is obliged to have the economic capacity, an objective that she fulfilled with her triumph in the second season of La Casa de los Famosos.

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    “I have it very clear, it was something that I experienced and suffered next to my baby and that is why everything I do is aimed at giving her a better scenario, the best. 95 percent normal life, that’s my goal and be always ready because we don’t know If it’s today, we don’t know if it’s in 10 years or 20, I always have to be ready,” she said.

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