EntertainmentIvonne Montero explodes and shows evidence of her daughter's health problems

    Ivonne Montero explodes and shows evidence of her daughter’s health problems

    After his participation in the reality show “The House of the Famous”the winner Yvonne Montero never stops giving what to talk about. And it is that his victory was not easy, because she had to face several characters in public life who are not easy to deal with: Laura Bozzo, Daniella Navarro, Juan Vidal, Niurka Marcos, Nacho Casano and Eduardo Rodriguez. With each one of them he had to find words to defend himself; In the end, the public that saw everything made her champion.

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    Within Ivonne’s plans, in case she won the prize of 200 thousand dollars, was to pay her daughter Antonella for the operation. The first step would be to submit it to the respective studies to start the complex process. However, at the end of the program all attention was focused on the controversial result and the main objective was forgotten.

    Given this, the public does not forget and less on social networks, so Montero and his juicy prize had to demonstrate the veracity of the revelations of the Mexican actress, since Internet users questioned the action of the actress, a fact that, for many, including some of his former teammates, was a strategy to move the audience and win this reality show.

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    This was how the original from Mexico City He responded to all his haters with a withering proof through his Instagram account: he showed proof that he underwent studies and then proceeded with the operation. As things are not from one day to the next, he mentioned that they are waiting for the doctors to know if they proceed or will do so at another time.

    SimilarlyIvonne Montero assured that this will be the only occasion in which she will touch on the delicate subject of her daughter and will clear herself of the accusations of “liar”. In the two shared images you can see a caricature of the singer with a green sports shirt with the number 13 and the legend “Relax yourself a lot”; in the second you can see the sheet of studies.

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