EntertainmentItati Cantoral raised the temperature in networks with a heart attack cleavage

    Itati Cantoral raised the temperature in networks with a heart attack cleavage

    What a night lived the Mexican actress and singer Itati Cantoral together with his brother Jose Cantoral at the press conference he held to broadcast his next concert in tribute to his father, Roberto Cantoral. And it is that The famous gave a taste of what the public can expect during the long-awaited presentation. Here we tell you the details!

    In front of various media and in the company of her loved ones, the member of the Cantoral dynasty delighted with her talent in a brief demonstration of what will happen on August 31 at the concert “El Cantoral Noche no te vajas”.

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    In addition to leaving her speechless thanks to her melodious voice, the actress also stole looks on social networks thanks to the impressive outfit she wore for the occasion. It was a bright red long-sleeved dress with a plunging neckline, leopard lining, and a heart buckle at her waist.

    The evidence of this little outfit was captured through a post on Instagram that soon resonated with its digital community: “August 31 in ‘El Cantoral Noche no te vajas’, Dad lives in us through your songs,” he wrote. the histrionics to accompany the images.

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    As a result of her feat on social networks, Itati Cantoral received a wave of compliments that were not only related to her beauty and heart-stopping look, but also to the work that her family has done to honor her father’s memory.

    “Their dad surely wanted to see them like this, singing their songs. Now his soul is happy.”“You are a lady, without a doubt the years do not pass for you”, “What a delight to listen to them” and “You sing beautiful, I want to see you live”, are some of the responses that are read on the net.

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